5 Easy Houseplants

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

As I shared before on my Instagram I was really bad at taking care of plants. Things have changed since I started paying attention to more details than just how much I should water them. I have drowned plants before by watering them way too much or caused them to dry out because of the lack of water. Oops.

Recently, I decided to be a better plant lady and got some easier plants to care for to begin with.

Today I want to share some things that have been effective in keeping my plants alive, YAY! I’m also listing the houseplants I have at home and the ones that are currently on my plant wish list.

So here it goes, things that helped me in the journey of becoming a plant lady:

  1. Download a plant related app: 

I know there’s plenty of information out there on the internet, but the app really was a game changer for me. I tried a few basically because I wanted a free version, I’m pretty happy with “Picture This”. You take a picture of your plant and the app identifies it, there are basic tips on how to care for the plant, and its symbolism, characteristics, typical problems such as pests and diseases and the topics that helped me the most – sunlight and water

  1. Understand which type of exposure you have:

I never knew what type of sun exposure I had until recently. I now know this is key for getting what your plant needs. I have eastern exposure and well the sun rises in the east, so basically this means I get a soft morning light and brightness until around noon. Ideally I want to get plants that live best under these conditions! 

  1. Talk to people that care about plants:

 This is such a simple step and we often forget people around us can be a great resource. Ask them where they got their plants, how much sunlight and watering needs… 

My current plants: 

  1. Orchid:

Symbolism: “Love, happiness and reunion”

 Each orchid flower can last two to three months and it requires simple care. They make a great potted plant for indoors. They like partial shade and I’ve been keeping mine next to a window where they get morning light but not direct or sun. For watering, I do two ice cubes twice a week.

Orchids, photo taken by me
  1. Golden Pothos:

Symbolism: “Happiness”. 

Golden Pothos are one of the most popular houseplants in the world and really easy to care for. They do grow well in medium to higher light but are versatile and tolerate low light as well. So I’d say they can get full sun to partial shade. Watering should be done each week or when the soil has dried out. 

Golden Pothos, photo taken by me
  1. Dracaena, also known as Song of India: 

Symbolism: “female dragon, from the Greek “drakaina”
They need full sun and average water. Don’t let water accumulate though, if you have to make a mistake then go on the drier side. I keep mine outside at my balcony where there’s most sunlight. Dracaenas are one of the most efficient houseplants for air purification. If you have dogs or cats be careful as they are toxic in case your pet ingests them. 

Dracaena, photo taken by me

Next on my list:

4. Coin plant:

I’ve been obsessed with how cute they are! They are supposed to be easy to care for. Indirect light and moderate watering without letting the soil get too wet should be a good environment for them.

Photo credit: www.instagram.com/bamaluzhome/


They need a bright environment with good light but try avoiding direct sunlight as it can make the plant turn yellow. During spring and summer they should be watered at least once a week since this is the plant growing period. Watering should be reduced for the remainder of the year. 

Cactuses at Little Leaf Shop, photo taken by me

Last but not least, I want to share two places around Washington D.C that I really like for any plant related things.

  • Little Leaf: 

Check their website for more information by clicking here.

Little Leaf Shop, DC, photo taken by me

*1401 S St NW, Washington, DC 20009

  • Nalls Produce: 

Check their website for more information by clicking here.

Nalls Produce, Virginia, photo taken by me

*7310 Beulah St, Alexandria, VA 22315

I hope you find this post helpful! I’m not an expert but if you struggle taking care of plants, let me tell you; there’s a way around it! Wish me luck because now I’m getting plant addicted, :).

What is your favorite houseplant?