A Little Bit About Me


I’m Joana, I was born and raised in The Marvelous City, also known as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since very young I’ve always known I wanted to travel to see more of the world. I started taking English classes very early in life, but I can say I learned a lot on my own too, especially after making friends with international students at College. I’m an Internationalist by degree and Marketer at heart due to a minor in International Marketing.

Throughout life I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Poole, a small town in the south of England and later on in Chicago.

I was in a long distance relationship with my husband Zach for almost 2 years before I moved to the US and we got married. This August marks year number 3 of living in the States and about one year of living in Washington D.C. I fell in love with the city from the very first time I visited back in 2016. I believe D.C has it all, one of my favorite things is how multicultural the city is!

Aside from traveling, I love reading, drawing, photography and I’m dog obsessed. Musically I’m all about folk/alternative/classic rock. You can expect to see a little bit of all my interests in life over here. Please always feel free to reach out!